Mulch Installation
Mulch Installation Service

Mulch is important to your lawn care because it adds beauty to your landscaping and helps reduce weed growth, as well as disease and insect problems to your agriculture.

It is best for mulch installation to be done in the early stages of spring/summer (preferably Mar-May) when the temperatures begin to rise (while the soil is still cool) to aide in growth of new plants, flowers and trees.

Fall mulch installation has it’s benefits, too, as it gives you a head start to spring!

We suggest using a natural border around your landscaping by deeply edging the parameters of the mulch installation areas.

We generally apply the mulch evenly, 2-3 inches thick, and clean up our mess when work is completed.

When we do your mulch installation

  • Delivery and installation of Mulch
  • Removal od weeds and debris from your beds
  • Trenching of the edges of your mulch beds upto 4* deep for a crisp clean edge
  • Initial application of pre emergentto discourage new weeds from growing into your mulch
  • Disposal of organic waste

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